Our Guiding Principles

Success is about more than just achieving notoriety. For us, it means living by core principles in all areas of our lives, both personally and professionally.

Mission & Vision

Trusted Partner | Team Focused
Engineering A Legacy

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EHRA Engineering has been around for 85 years which means we have had great leadership and team members to stand the test of time. Our current team and leadership are the best we have had in 85 years. I think one main ingredient is whether we are working internally as a team, with a client, with governmental agencies or with the community; we treat everything as a partnership, not just a job.

Blake McGregor, P.E.- Principal | Senior Vice President | Practice Area Leader - Land Services | CCO
The very foundation of exceptional leadership is defined by one’s earnest commitment to being a good person and doing the right thing which, ultimately, clearly defines one’s character and virtue. Here at EHRA Engineering we embrace the mindset that we are a team, we are one.

Jim Russ – Senior Principal | President & CEO
Growing relationships is always our top priority at EHRA Engineering. Our relationships with our team members and clients are equally important.

Hasan Syed, P.E. - Senior Principal | Executive Vice President & COO
There is no formula for leadership, nor is it about techniques and methods. EHRA Engineering’s leadership is about inspiration, influencing others and it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others.

Andy Palermo, P.E., CFM - Principal | Senior Vice President | Practice Area Leader - H&H | CTO
EHRA Engineering embodies servant leadership which allows for the demonstration of leadership without needing to be in front, taking credit for what the entire team accomplishes. Together, we are one.

Jared R. Bowlin, P.E. - Principal | Senior Vice President | Practice Area Leader - Land Services | Treasurer
What distinguishes us in our mind from so many others is going over and beyond and taking care of clients and doing our absolute best to anticipate what they need before they even know they need it.

Truman C. Edminster, P.E. - Senior Principal | Senior Vice President
Our Guiding Principles

Driven to Pursue a Brighter Future

We take pride in our storied contribution to Houston’s growth and success through our countless engineering, design and construction projects. This vital work would not be possible without our hard-working team members who always strive to do what is right. With a steadfast commitment to our guiding principles, EHRA Engineering is able to flourish.






A Legacy

Our 5 Core Values

Maintaining Integrity in All Areas of Life

We believe that hard work and a positive attitude go a long way in achieving personal and professional success. Our five core values allow us to create a work environment where team members thrive and our clients reap the rewards of a happier, more engaged workforce. 

  • One Team Work together for shared success. Be responsive and proactively communicate with clients and team members. Be inclusive and respectful – everyone has something to contribute. Celebrate success and keep it fun. Be the destination.
  • Keep it fresh Be curious and bring an open mind. Advocate for new ideas. Learn, adapt and be forward thinking. Focus on market and industry shifts and challenge current practices to continuously improve.
  • Do the right thing Always act with integrity, honesty and empathy. Follow through on commitments. Be the trusted partner for our clients and our team members.
  • Own the work Take pride in doing your best work. Take responsibility for the quality of our shared outcomes. Harness interests and talents to produce leading solutions.
  • Be A leader Be humble. Everyone is a leader by virtue of their actions and attitude. Make decisions that set the right example. Set the bar and hold each other accountable. Step up and build the legacy.
Core Principles

Aspiring to Be the Best

We refer to our core principles as aspirational because we understand that growth is a process and that we should always strive for the next level of excellence. Our principles guide our decisions, behavior and interactions in all that we do. Using these tenets as guideposts, we are able to provide the high level of service we ourselves would like to receive.

Kelli-Odum Kelli-Odum

EHRA Engineering team has been an important part of success in a multitude of my projects throughout years. EHRA leadership and their team of engineers provide innovative and cost-effective solutions and work closely with our project team from the acquisition of land through the project development. Their response time for any issue is remarkable. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants great engineering on time and always with competitive pricing. I look forward to continue working together on future endeavors.

Kelli Odum, Forestar Group Inc.

Winning Through Excellence

At EHRA, we are proud of our achievements, and not just because we like winning. Our awards serve as recognition for the work we put in for our clients, projects and communities. The recognition and knowledge of our impact inspire us to continue to do great things.