22 March 2022

Project InFocus: Stockdick School Road

Stockdick School Road

EHRA Engineering was contracted to perform surveying and mapping services for Stockdick School Road in November of 2020. The project scope included existing Right-of-Way (ROW) and topographic surveying along with proposed alignment and parcel mapping of the area. This involved obtaining current deeds and plats for 25 tracts of land and seven subdivisions. EHRA prepared a working sketch to recover the existing boundary corners needed to establish existing ROW lines. The results were utilized in preparing a traditional Category 1B Standard Land Survey, identifying the project’s boundary limits.

EHRA established survey control within approximately 14,800 linear feet of roadway and performed a Category 6 Topographic Survey of the existing roadway for the engineering design of a new major thoroughfare. EHRA created a Survey Control Map for the project limits and then prepared a Category 1A Land Title Survey for an Alignment and Parcel Map. The Alignment and Parcel Map was set with metes and bounds descriptions for 13 parcels of land to be acquired for widening the existing road ROW.

The project warranted for maximum organization due to its size and complexity. Maintenance of a focused, conscientious effort by all involved was pertinent to the project’s smooth and successful execution. EHRA utilized its current technology to the most-effective level of production within the project restraints while performing all proposed services under a time and material contract for approximately 80% of the budget.

The greatest obstacle the team had to overcome was the adaptation to county standards using a differing drafting technology than our standard platform.

The EHRA surveying team working with additional engineering firms on a critical public project was an exciting and unaccustomed experience. The project presented the opportunity to build skills internally with our field and office staff as well as further their education and overall experience. Transportation projects like this require a breadth of surveying services on a large scale to develop professional service skills that stretch beyond EHRA's standard product. Working with outside engineering firms provided insight into whether our survey standards are acceptable to others, and what we can do better or different in all future projects.