13 August 2020

The Ground Down, Episode Six

In this episode, EHRA Engineer's Jim Russ (President and CEO) and Chris Browne (Vice President, Practice Area Leader - Planning & Visioning) are joined by Alief ISD Superintendent, HD Chambers, University of Houston at Sugar Land and Katy Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and COO, Dr. Jay Neal and Houston Community College Northwest President, Dr. Zach Hodges to discuss several topics surrounding the effects of COVID-19 on their respective institutions in the Greater Houston region.

We have the Podcast posted across all channels. Please click one of the links below to listen or watch.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/g8OAWh46gn8

Anchorfm: https://anchor.fm/the-ground-down/episodes/Effects-of-COVID-19-on-Houston-Area-Schools-Alief-ISD--HCC-NW-and-UH-at-Sugar-Land-and-Katy-ei3d4j

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/episode/4BO8obuwxsMRY76OFSWXhl

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