29 May 2024

Project InFocus: Hedwig Village Westside Infrastructure Project

EHRA Engineering is privileged to collaborate with the City of Hedwig Village on their Westside Infrastructure Project. Our commitment to innovation and improved infrastructure supports the City’s vision, aiming to revitalize essential infrastructure while preserving the area’s natural beauty. This project represents a dedication to enhancing the City’s functionality and sustainability.

The Westside Infrastructure Project is a significant initiative for the City of Hedwig Village, focusing on the complete reconstruction of eight roads, along with new storm sewer design for its currently undersized and compromised network. The primary goal is to upgrade the 40-year-old pavement to meet modern standards, ensuring it serves the community effectively for the next 50+ years. Integral to the project is community input, which EHRA is incorporating to tailor the design to the residents’ needs and preferences.

A key feature of this project is the preservation of the mature trees that enhance the streets of Hedwig Village. EHRA has focused on safeguarding these trees by conducting thorough examinations and implementing solutions to minimize disruption to critical root zones. We have partnered with M2L, who are experts in urban forestry, to assess over 500 trees, including 83 heritage trees and 132 protected trees, to minimize the impact on the area's natural character. As the prime consultant for this project, EHRA is performing public infrastructure, hydrology and hydraulics and surveying professional services. We have also teamed with Geotechnical Engineering subconsultant, Ninyo & Moore, to enhance our understanding of the pavement's subsurface characteristics.

Project Progress and Milestones

The project commenced in late 2023 with comprehensive discussions in city meetings to gather stakeholder input. EHRA has worked with city officials and community members to refine project details, aiming for plan approval and construction bidding by 2024’s year-end. The project is currently within the 60% design stage, driven by a collaborative effort between the City of Hedwig Village and its residents. Active participation in City Council meetings and community engagements has been pivotal, with every voice helping shape the project’s direction.

The total project cost is estimated at approximately $12 million. As the City of Hedwig Village aims to balance quality and cost-effectiveness, EHRA is dedicated to delivering value-engineered solutions, mindful of taxpayer funds, and collaborating closely with the City to optimize project costs and efficiency.

Community-Centered Solutions

The community’s support and insights have been invaluable in addressing concerns effectively. We recognize the unique features of each home and adopt a personalized approach, working closely with the City to offer solutions that satisfy the majority of stakeholders.

A notable challenge has been addressing outdated utilities intersecting within the project area, specifically where sanitary sewer lines intersect with existing storm sewer systems. We are carefully examining these conflicts during the design phase to avoid potential issues and ensure optimal functionality in the new design.

EHRA Engineering is proud to lead this team in contributing to the improvements of the Westside Infrastructure Project for the City of Hedwig Village. We are committed to delivering a project that not only meets the City's current needs but also ensures sustainable and resilient infrastructure for future generations.