22 March 2023

Project InFocus: Raburn Reserve

The EHRA Engineering survey team is currently partnering with Hines Development on a 110+-acre single family development in the Tomball area of Greater Houston known as Raburn Reserve. The EHRA survey team verified the boundary of a 105-acre tract that Hines purchased and subsequently conducted a topographic survey utilizing the latest drone technology.

This project was particularly unique and intricate from the perspective that, in addition to EHRA, multiple different planning, engineering and surveying companies contributed to this project on several components and at and various stages of project development. At first, another survey company completed the land title survey for the acquisition of the tract of land that would become Raburn Reserve. Simultaneously, the City of Tomball contracted an additional survey company to conduct a route survey for the future Medical Complex Drive that would bisect the Raburn Reserve tract near its southern portion.  

As the Raburn Reserve tract of land was part of a subdivision plat laid out in the early 1900s, and because many survey companies and stakeholders were involved, boundary resolution proved especially challenging. This reality became abundantly clear when the proposed right-of-way for Medical Complex Drive surveyed did not correspond with the boundary of the Raburn property. To rectify this five-foot discrepancy, EHRA coordinated amongst the companies and with the City of Tomball. After a few discussions with all invested parties, EHRA was successful in establishing full agreement on the boundary solution. 

Furthermore, the land plan for Raburn Reserve was originally developed by a different planning and engineering firm. By the time EHRA entered the picture, that firm already both submitted the first plat to the City of Tomball and obtained preliminary approval. EHRA reviewed the initial land plan prepared by the previous firm, and our team determined that this plan was not in compliance with the Planned Unit Development (PUD), an agreement between Tomball and Hines Development regarding anticipated lot widths, depths, etc.

Subsequent to this discovery, EHRA promptly revised the land plan, bringing it into alignment with the PUD stipulations. Finally, EHRA submitted the final plat for section one of Raburn Reserve. Since submitting the final plat, the EHRA survey team supported Hines Development as the firm added another five acres to this community. The EHRA Planning & Visioning Department optimized the use of the five additional acres by fitting as many lots as possible. 

After resolving early complications and maximizing land use potential, EHRA Engineering has continued to serve as the anchor for this project. Close collaborations with Hines Development have allowed our professionals and engineers to navigate unforeseen hurdles, all while maintaining the budget and the integrity of the project schedule.