Not everyone can say they come to work and feel like they are not just a number. That is what working with a family-oriented firm is all about. Many have asked, “What is it like working at EHRA?” Ever thought of what it would feel like to work at a ‘mom and pop shop’ with 15 team members? Working at EHRA has the feel of a small, 15-person mom and pop firm, but has more than 160 team members. 

EHRA has created a culture of togetherness and camaraderie that I have not seen anywhere else. Now, I may be a little biased, as EHRA is the only place that I have called home in my 17 years since graduating college, but I have interacted with enough firms to realize that EHRA has something special. 

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines culture as “the characteristic features of everyday existence (such as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time” (thanks Google). The characteristics that make up EHRA's culture include an open-door policy, allowing open communication between all team members and leadership at any time; lack of micromanagement and the feeling of others watching over your shoulder; understanding that if the team is having fun, productivity is higher; and appreciation to the team from all tiers of leadership.

EHRA has also created a culture that fosters employee growth. Team members want to learn and develop skills that allow them to move forward in their careers. The development and implementation of growth plans, training sessions, and Grub & Grow sessions (our version of what some call lunch and learns) all play a role in the progression of professional development. Again, with the open-door policy, if there is a skill that a team member wants to develop, we encourage the discussion.

When I ask team members what is so great about EHRA, the feedback (actual quotes) I have received is:

“The family feel of the company.  It has that small town feeling where everyone knows each other and everyone is nice to each other.”

“I love the environment.  Everyone is so kind.”

“I love how continuous learning is such a high priority.”

EHRA is truly a FUN place to work. In the 17 years that I have worked here, I have yet to get out of bed and groan because I have to go to work. Being part of a team that can laugh with each other, talk about the game or a movie they saw, or play shuffleboard for a few minutes to relax their mind, is a breath of fresh air while at the office. We all must complete our work and meet our deadlines, but creating an environment that allows the team to develop friendships with colleagues that continue outside the office is really what makes this such a great family to work with.

If you want to know more, I would love to discuss further. My door is always open.