4 March 2021

The Future Of Engineering The Future

It goes without saying that a lot has changed since EHRA opened its doors in 1936. Our humble beginnings as a mom-and-pop company on the outskirts of town is not lost on us. Workplace culture matters and through careful and thoughtful leadership, we have managed to strike a balance between our family values while remaining competitive in our rapidly evolving world.

In March 2020 we moved into a new building. We remain in the Westchase District, central to our local clients, however we took the opportunity to upgrade all our technology, creating a building as ‘smart’ as it is beautiful. A big thank you to our building committee. This was fortunate as it allowed us to transition from our traditional work in the office to a very efficient remote work program. A safer, COVID-friendly and needed program to provide our team members with flexibility.

We were named a 2020 ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Houston Chronicle. An accolade that is important to EHRA leadership and shows a tangible measure to our success of keeping a work/life balance within our ranks. Our values have always dictated putting our team and clients first. Something that we value immensely and something we will never lose. Our business is about people; building communities and relationships, honest communication and taking care of each other.

Another way EHRA consistently looks towards the future is through our recruiting practices. We are constantly searching for bright young talent to potentially take the reins for the next generation. We have a robust internship program which has shown us great success. Currently, three of our partners started here as interns and we embolden our Project Managers to teach and mentor our young professionals. This apprenticeship tradition is at the core of our values, and our open-door policy has proven successful to foster open communication.

Our future is bright, we know which direction we are headed, and with the proper attention and respect given to our beginnings we know we will create a workplace to be proud of for generations to come.