29 December 2023

Project InFocus: Marketplace 249

EHRA Engineering was contracted by Dang La to help develop approximately 21 acres of land, known as Marketplace 249, for a mixed use commercial development. EHRA consulted Dang La on different approaches to developing the tract in which they were able to save money as well as get reimbursed for the detention basin which served multiple users of the 21-acre tract. The tract is maintained and owned by Northwest Park Municipal Utility District (MUD). The EHRA Hydrology and Hydraulics team, led by Andy Palermo, PE, CFM, executed a drainage needs and impact analysis for the Marketplace 249 project. Soon after, the EHRA Site Development team, led by Matt Gutzwiller, PE, joined in the professional services efforts and began site work for the project. 

The site design included components such as public utility extensions, regional detention/mitigation basin, paving, stormwater design and water and sanitary solutions for areas up to five feet from the multiple buildings. Throughout the execution of these project elements, one major objective for the site team was to ensure a timely and seamless execution of the project. In order to deliver on this request, EHRA developed the public infrastructure (regional detention and public utilities) with the private site utility design preliminarily laid out. This allowed for a seamless private site design tying to public infrastructure utilities.

Site Development Project Manager, Matt Gutzwiller, PE, shares that the best part about working on this project was the forward thinking and creative design ideas that EHRA utilized. For example, ensuring adequate driveway ties were provided with increased subgrade to ensure seamless connections by future landowners with reduced potential for damage to the existing roadway. EHRA made certain to incorporate ample utility stub outs for potential pad sites (beyond the current scope), considering the initial site layouts shared with Dang La.

One particular challenge the Site Development team faced was that the existing sanitary was shallow and ensuring all buildings have adequate sanitary depth at the building tie-in location. This was achieved by increasing some of the pipe sizes to reduce the slope, as well as strategically running the sanitary sewer through the site. 

Marketplace 249 is still under construction, with 2 buildings and 1 pad site remaining to be built out. Additionally, there is a forthcoming phase spanning approximately 12 acres, awaiting development, along with plans to expand the regional pond to accommodate the future phase. EHRA takes pride in contributing to the realization of Dang La's vision, aimed at introducing a contemporary shopping center for the benefit of local residents and employees. This initiative has not only elevated the area's value but also set the stage for prospective growth.